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Types of Water dispensers

In this fast paced world, people want everything easily. Times are gone when people boil water for tea and coffee or keep bottles in refrigerator and wait to drink chilled water. Nowadays, water dispensers have made their place in majority of houses.

Water dispenser are basically machines which have buttons, when pressed, can provide water of different temperatures. A  5, 3 or 1 gallon water bottle is fixed to it and thus the machine mechanically operates and fulfill your need on the press of one button.

There are different types of dispensers namely under sink water chillers, hot water dispensers and those which provide both types of water.

Under sink water chillers:  These are cost effective and environmental friendly machine which have a filtration system placed inside it. The machine uses tap water, filters it properly and removes all types of odor from cold water. It is better to purchase a stainless steel dispenser with a coating of scratch free plastic.  The static condenser inside the dispenser can help in energy saving so make sure you buy one which has a condenser. The cleaning and maintenance of this dispenser is also easy. It has to be cleaned in a period of six months.

Hot water dispensers: As the name suggests, these dispensers supply water as hot as 94 degree centigrade. They act as a perfect substitute of boiling waters in kettles. These dispensers are available in two models. One is of hot water and other provides both hot and cold water. As competition is high, you can get a good dispenser with numerous features at affordable prices.

If you are living in north Potomac, Maryland state and looking for good dispenser, do buy it from my water store. It provides you with dispensers in numerous colors and styles. Talking about few of its famous dispensers, here is a short brief:

1)      Crystal mountain summit cooler has stainless steel body and gives both hot and cold water. It is compatible with 3 and 5 gallon water bottle. Price of this dispenser is $359.95 which excludes sales tax of Maryland State.

2)      Crystal mountain glacier cooler is available in white, black and granite color. It is of $269.95 with 5 years warranty. These dispensers also supply hot and cold water.

3)      Another dispenser under the same name is of $239.95 but supplies cold and room temperature water.

My Water Store is your #1 source for water dispensers in Germantown, Poolesville, Darnestown, Gaithersburg, North Potomac, and surrounding area of Maryland.

There are also other varieties which you can look for and select the one which suits you most. Check out the stores website http:// mywaterstore.net/ for further details.