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Water bottles

In majority of offices, schools and houses you will find water bottles for drinking purpose. Water is one of the basic needs of human body and therefore majority of illness are caused by unhealthy consumption of water. Therefore with increasing awareness and proven facts, people now buy mineral water to fulfill their need. Although it is expensive compared to using tap water but as it is said ‘health is wealth’.

Many water companies have emerged in the market due to the increasing demand of purified water. They supply water in different styles and sizes of bottles at your doorstep. There are big gallons for home and office use while handy water bottles for traveling purpose.

People usually carry water with them while planning to go for shopping or for any outdoor activity as it keeps you hydrated and fresh. These small bottles are space saving and can carry around 2litres of water which is enough for one person. You can keep such bottles at home to carry whenever you wish to go out. Therefore platypus bottles are the best option for this as these bottles are of best quality and are not harmful if reused.

There is an increasing trend of water stores in US. These stores sell water in their shops in all types of bottle sizes. They also facilitate you with refills in your own water bottles. In German town, Maryland there is limited number of physical store to serve people.

Talking about water store, the name of ‘my water store’ cannot be ignored. Present in Rockville, Maryland this store provides the tastiest purified water in town. There 10 step purification process assures to provide zero contaminant water at cheap prices. The prices are low compared to other stores mainly because they don’t charge delivery cost. Customers bring their own water bottles and get it refilled in no time. They provide water is different sizes of bottles to fulfill customer needs. There are 5 gallon bottles for dispensers while 2 and 3 gallon spigot bottle which can be kept at home. If you are outdoors and want your bottle refilled, do try this store. They assure you to provide the most hygienic and tasty water which can refresh your whole body.

My Water Store is your #1 source to get water bottles in Germantown, Poolesville, Darnestown, Gaithersburg, North Potomac, and surrounding area of Maryland.

To contact, call on 301-217-0440 or visit the company’s website for further details. You can also join their facebook page and can send your feedback there.