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Purified Water – A Healthy Alternative

Water is one of the basic necessities of human body. Around two third of our body is made of water. Thus as it is a necessity, people try to have the best and most tasteful purified water.

To elaborate the definition of pure water, it means the water which undergoes a process of removal of all types of bacteria and impurities. Due to increased concern amongst people related to hygiene and cleanliness in water consumption, many companies have started their setup to fulfill the demands of people. They purify water using different methods and techniques and seal it in bottles and 5 gallon jugs.

Talking about pure and clean water, name of ‘my water store’ cannot be ignored. This company provides clean and tasty water which has beaten several branded water companies. The specialty of its water is the unique taste. The taste is so refreshing and tasty that it proves to be a perfect substitute of soft drinks or other sugary beverages.

The ten step purification process followed by respective company is as follow:

1)      The incoming water first enters water softening salt which removes minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

2)      Secondly it enters 10 micron sediment filter which removes visible particles such as sand and dirt.

3)      Ion exchange helps in removing metals for example mercury or irons which if present in water can cause different types of allergies especially in children.

4)      Pesticides and organic contaminants are detached from granular activated carbon.

5)      The sediment filters namely 5 micron and 1 micron helps in removing the remaining impurities.

6)      Bacterial and viral reproduction can occur again. Therefore to avoid it, water passes through ultra violet disinfection.

7)      Normal filtration does not dissolve impurities completely but when water passes duel pass reverse osmosis, impurities are removed completely.

8)       Chlorine is added in water by majority of companies. But this company does ozonation which is 1500 times more effective.

9)      Finally water is recirculated through 3 stainless steel tanks and is ready to be distributed.

After such a lengthy purification process, no one can challenge the purified water or the honesty of the store to serve its customer the best.

There is a big difference between purified water and filtered water. Filtered water is not as clean and healthy as the latter and therefore it is best to use pure water for healthy living.

My Water Store is your #1 source for purified water in Germantown, Poolesville, Darnestown, Gaithersburg, North Potomac, and surrounding area of Maryland.