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Health Facts

  • Health FactsWater helps nearly every part of the human body to function efficiently… from cushioning joints & regulating body temperature to carrying nutrients & oxygen to body cells.


  • Our bodies are almost two-thirds water & staying hydrated assures a healthy lifestyle.


  • The National Academy of Sciences says to stay adequately hydrated, men must consume 100 fluid oz. (12+ glasses) per day, while women need 72 oz. (9 glasses) per day!


  • Tap water often contains trace particles of lead, mercury, pesticides, human & animal fecal wastes, bacteria, etc. Treatment also includes the injection of chlorine and fluoride.


  • The CDC advises immuno-compromised individuals… “because you cannot be sure if your tap water is safe, you may wish to avoid tap water, including water or ice from a refrigerator ice-maker, which is made with tap water and/or drink bottled water.”


  • Water authorities on average lose almost a third of their water through leaking pipes. It has been shown that even under normal operating conditions, pressure changes in these pipes can cause environmental intrusion from the outside of the pipe to the inside, allowing sewage & environmental contamination to enter tap water systems.


  • The EPA estimated  16.4 million cases of acute gastro-intestinal illness in 2006 were by tap water contamination.


  • The 10-step water purification process used by My Water Store removes virtually all micro organisms, disinfectants as well as organic & inorganic chemicals. It is a time-tested, state-of-the-art process, which avoids external contamination from source through the bottling. Bottle caps hygienically seal in quality… resulting in the highest quality water with a great taste!